La belleza del Habana

'La belleza del Habana'

Is our second journal entry from our recent travels abroad. We spent the day with local artist Karina Valero Tieles in a neighbourhood just outside Havana. Karina’s mother came along and we were lucky enough to sneak some snaps of the two together, mujeres bonitas! There’s a few sneaky shots of our new ‘apron playsuit’ for you to swoon over to. Hope you enjoy! Love FME Xx

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Good Morning Williamsburg

Good Morning Williamsburg is our first journal entry from our recent travels abroad. We got the chance to hang out with one of the most lovely creatures around... Expat Aussie gal Olivia was kind enough to spare a morning to show us what life is like waking up in Williamsburg. Living the dream, Olivia is on exchange studying fashion in NYC and working on her own jewellery line. Ghaaa overachievers ;-) She's one to watch @livlaa Xx

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SSCOC AW15 Launch Party

Ensemble AW15 / Launch party shot by Heather Lighton

Thank you to everyone who made this such a special and memorable night! Xx