Green, red, brown- to dust. We are framed by the seasons colours. 

As we patiently await the change, allowing our bodies to be adorned, adored, reborn in new threads. Let the textures hold our skin in new ways. 

Stitching our story into the seams, we carry our inner thoughts, quietly nourishing, healing.

Seated at tables, we hold the cycles in our bodies. The rise and fall of nature, the beginnings, the endings. 

We let go - never rushing to respond to the ways of the world.

- Maile Bowen


Inspired by the cycle of nature and seasonal change

AW18 combines olive greens with ruby reds, pinstripe wool & tartan knits.

Evoking a sense of comfort and ease, of womanhood, of abundance.

We welcome Brumal AW18...

Photographer: Maddy Maeve @maddy.maeve

Art Direction: Laura Albee @albeez

Prose: Maile Bowen

Model: Atha, Nikia, Gigi

Production Assistant: Hetty Rodda, Olivia Williams

Special thanks: Cal, Cass, Olivia, Ruby & Brodie

Accessories: @post_sole_studio @radicalyes @bynye